Wednesday, April 04, 2007

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Tapan Gandhi 7:24 PM  

oooh i really like these, alan

especially the second one

Anonymous 8:16 PM  

Great drawings. Are these also on the digital tablet ? What kind did you get ? (ModBook ? )

Cookedart 11:23 PM  

Thanks Tapan!

Hey Dave,

Yup, these are on my new-fangled tablet PC.

No, I found the Modbook to be a tad overpriced. While I love the Mac, I prefer a convertible tablet so I don't -have- to bring a usb external keyboard around (though I probably will most of the time anyways). I found close-to-equivalent specs on other Tablet Pcs that go for around 1000 dollars less.

I eventually picked up a Toshiba Tablet PC. I end up having to use mostly Windows at school nowadays so I find it integrates a tad better (though I'd definitely rather use a Mac if I could). I went with a Toshiba as they are the only people seeming to make 14" tablets with a Wacom Pen (Gateway has a 14" model uses "finepoint" which is not pressure sensitive). I wish they made even bigger tablets but this is as big as they go!

I Guess it's not quite as cool as a Cintiq, but that's also $1000 more and not exactly portable (not to mention I don't really have a desktop nearly as fast as this tablet).

Seo Kim 11:20 PM  

I really like the cowboy in the second drawing!

iroach 10:33 AM  

Hey man,

I never comment, but I really like these. Nice job!

Riè 12:11 PM  

I love these! The second one... what is Ed holding? Bottle of alcohol? ;)

Makes me want to consider buying a laptop so I can do tablet stuff at ex-life.

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