Saturday, October 28, 2006

The word on the Grapevine..

Lotsa Pixar news today...

First! Check out this tour through Pixar Animation Studios.

Then, check out the TAG Blog's second post on Pixar Storytelling. If you missed the first post it's here. Don't like reading? Check out Jeremy Bernstein's illustrated version of the talk.

The TAG Blog also re-confirms that the Frog Princess, Ron and John's 2D Animation flick, is going to be made.

I don't know the cost of this thing, or more importantly, how well it works, but it looks like someone's made a plate that can be mounted onto a normal LCD display and essentially turn it into the equivalent of a Wacom Cintiq. Either way, it's nice to see alternative to the CIntiq popping up because everyone loves drawing directly on the screen (compared to a normal tablet), not to mention getting carpal tunnel. Read all about it on this (sans price, availability, and usability) Gizmodo post.


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