Thursday, October 19, 2006

A news post...

I know I haven't been posting news lately, so here's what I've been seeing around.

If you wanted to know some spoilier's for Pixar's upcoming short, Lifted, then check out this page on Ain't It Cool News.

The TAG blog has been posting really interesting stuff about what it's like to work in the industry. Specifics like pay and women in the workforce. Check out their post on average pay, the percentage of women in the workforce, and a panel discussion on the same subject.

Apparently Over the Hedge is shipping with a new short entitled "Hammys Boomerang Adventure." Check out the post about the rest of the deets of the DVD here

Speaking of Dreamworks, Aardman has a post on AWN about Flushed Away. Check it out!


Jarrett 10:44 PM  

*sigh* in light of my final film concept, it's mildly annoying that their most recent short had to be on a farm... and be about failure!!! Oh well...

Cookedart 10:13 AM  


Well i'm sure that the films will be quite different in the end!

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