Friday, October 13, 2006

Sharin some love...

I recently got my grubby little fingers on a storyboard sequence by our good friend Glen Keane, from Tarzan. It's around 100 drawings in pen and ink and it's absolutely wonderful. I've uploaded the pdf to MegaUpload as the file is around 155 megs in size - but I definetly recommend taking a look! Get it here. Don't know how to use MegaUpload? The download button is to the right of the MegaUpload logo (above the text ads). You'll have to enter a three digit confirmation number and the download will start. Drop a comment if you have any problems snagging the file.


John K/Weird Al Collaboration, "Close, But No Cigar"

Watch out for a mega-post coming soon (i.e. this weekend) on Rej Bourdages' visit to Sheridan.



Damian 1:25 PM  

Nice post man. I downloaded the Tarzan boards just last night. Rej Bourdages had these up on Wednesday. Large download, but definitely worth it.

The music video is also killer. Weird Al is the man. Nice find.

Anonymous 12:44 AM  

Wow, thanks so much for sharing, it's always a treat to see Glen's work! Downloading now :)

Cookedart 12:15 AM  

Hey Damian - thanks man - hope you liked the boards!

I can't believe that video is in Flash! Pretty awesome!

Hey Andy - enjoy!

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