Saturday, October 14, 2006

Online Portfolio!

Hey there!

Sheridan was gracious enough to start hosting our portfolios online - they ain't pretty, but it's all about the work, right? You've probably seen most of this work before but then again, maybe not! It's linked at right - and in this post. Here is mine as it currently stands.

Yes, I'll try and get a better domain name for it....


Benjamin De Schrijver 10:55 AM  

Since you always enjoy (sharing) Youtube animation stuff, I thought you might enjoy searching for "Glen Keane" there today. A Calarts lecture given by him, talking about a whole range of things from Marahute over observation to the Beast. Including thumbs and rough animation and everything. Enjoy!

Cookedart 12:14 AM  

Thanks for the tip Ben - I'll check it out!

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