Sunday, May 16, 2010


By Calarts Student Mike Rianda.

Direct Link.


Michael Rianda 1:37 AM  

Hey thanks a lot Alan...I've always read your blog, so now I feel famous or something. I was at Jibjab yesterday, and totally missed seeing everyone because I had to be somewhere and lost track of time...I may be working there for a bit this summer, so hopefully the good times will commence. MAte for Life is an ass kicker by the way, looks awesome.

Philip Rodrigues 4:46 AM  

The humor of this film is great. It reminds me of when I work at an office doing data entry it also sucked out my soul.

Adam Temple 10:00 AM  

That was so cool. Great writing, funny animation. Bomb.

Emmanuel Briand 3:33 PM  

real cartoons !!! thanks for posting them all , I congrats this school since my first classes , and as I can see they're not just good artist , they don't do only good traditional paintings on canvas , they are also good filmmakers !! thanks and FREE CLRTS !

"this was a message from my dear FRANCE delivered by tokyobanana also known as Emmanuel briand "

ghada 12:27 PM  

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