Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Warmups on an iPad.

Real drawings on paper.

How it should be!


Rob 2:57 AM  

Gorgeous! Nice one

Eduardo Avenir II 8:47 AM  

I'm really liking the top image in the black outline! Nice shapes, keep it up.

Kendra Melton 8:54 AM  

Oh wow, that bottom one is just gorgeous. beautiful sleek shapes! :]

N.Hall 1:42 AM  

lovely ^_^

Lesley Vamos 12:42 PM  

Awesome! ^_^

Yash 12:52 PM  

what app did you use on the ipad?

Unknown 11:14 PM  

Yash - I was using Alias Sketchbook for the iPad... seems to work reasonably well with a stylus.

Jarrett 7:11 PM  

Nice drawings Alan :) I just can't decide which medium I like best.

ghada 12:28 PM  

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