Monday, May 03, 2010

Headless Productions...

Headless Productions, started by the Victor Maldonado, Adrian Garcia and Alfredo Torres (the guys behind Nocturna).


Lesley Vamos 11:58 PM  

just had to pick my jaw up from the floor - HOW can I get my hands on these films???

Fatim 2:41 AM  

This is really unfair! When will I be able to produce something half as good as that? This is awesome work!

Ana 12:41 PM  

so. amazing.

Viiiiz 12:51 PM  

So good work!
Now I want to go to Spain and knock on their door to ask a probation period *.*

Teknopants 1:52 PM  

Oh man. Simply amazing work.

ghada 12:30 PM  

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