Monday, August 17, 2009

Second Wind...


Ian Worrel 1:00 PM  

Where's your bullshit commentary.

David 1:01 PM  

WOW ! That was excellent. Fantastic design and animation.

Cal Arts student film ? Ok, that shows that Gobelins is not the only traditional animation school where great work is coming from (all due respect and I do meant RESPECT for Gobelins).

Thank you for posting this.

Ivan Aguirre 7:59 PM  

Ian's Film is freaking badass!! Thanks for posting this

Unknown 7:09 AM  

this must be one of the best animated shorts I've seen in a while! You've done amazing job.

Carl 9:13 PM  

Wow! =D

Virgil 3:44 AM  

Fantastic work! One of the best, kewlest, most creative animated shorts I have ever seen!!

Rony HOTIN 2:44 AM  

I loved it.
The story is cool,
the character disigns are sympathic
and the animation very nice.

Our student last co-realisation from Gobelins2009 will be upload in few days. I hope you'll enjoy too.

kimbot 8:35 AM  

thanks for posting its so goood

ahmed 5:51 AM  

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