Friday, August 28, 2009




Ryan Green 1:28 PM  

Wow...agreed! Minimal animation, but excellent staging, effects, and music. Thanks for posting.

Stevie 9:29 AM  

Oh man, really lovely visuals! Thanks for this, it's inspiring. :)

Trent Correy 5:23 PM  

Sweet blog! This post is awesome! ....It's so discouraging watching those Gobelins films, but at the same time it's like WHOA! students can do that! I'll def be back to check out more on your blog!

Mujia Liao 7:21 PM  

Ohoho go Slim and his crew~
He showed me concepts and designs of this a year ago when we were in NYC and now with the teaser made it's gluck to them finding clients!

ghada 4:46 PM  

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