Wednesday, August 19, 2009



RAWLS 8:26 AM  

Great lines man! 1:54 AM  

Those are some pretty kickass drawings. I wish we had an art gallery around Cool Springs that had cool art like that.

Mark McDonnell 10:49 AM  

Love your work man . . . such a great style and feel outside of what I am so used to seeing.

Very inspiring,


Alexis Barattin 7:57 AM  

i really enjoy how angular everyone is.

Colin Jack 8:28 AM  

Awesome Drawings!

Tel Coelho 3:01 PM  

Those are really good!!!!

Marcos Cohen 12:05 AM  

Alan these are really awesome!

Polyminthe 2:46 AM  

Nice drawings Alan, I love the one from your banner.

Meesimo 11:36 AM  

Sweet drawings!

chanee 11:05 PM  

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