Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Gobelins Films...

From the 2nd Years:


Álvaro 9:06 AM  

Uff! Gobelin's is in another level.. thanks 4 share the links, Alan

Tapan Gandhi 3:10 PM  

thanks, alan!

crazy gobelin kids.. they never cease to amaze me

Jushtin E. Lee 3:39 PM  

wow! they did it again.
Ha! I almost feel like i'm betraying my own beloved calarts by loving goblins so much!

Paulo Mosca 2:15 AM  

Oh may mother!!
Con las rodillas in the guanter!!
This blog rules!

Jamie 8:09 PM  

holy effin sh*t

that is all

Hoggan 11:31 AM  

2 words suffice...HOLY FUCK

Anonymous 7:40 PM  

Great videos - thanks for posting

Desiree 10:17 PM  

I saw these vids on the Goblins website and was blown away. These guys have amazing professional quality. Hats off to them!

Eduardo Avenir II 6:41 AM  

thanks for posting these!

Mafiozo Gingy 10:53 AM  

Fifth video does not exist

Lesley Vamos 3:51 AM  

who are these crazy genius people??

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