Monday, June 01, 2009

Beatles: Rock Band

This is AWESOME!

I believe Robert Valley worked on this one.


Chris Palmer 4:56 PM  

Loved it! Thanks for posting.

PAUZAK 10:29 PM  

AMAZING! thanks for sharing. and yup, I can taste the R Valley's style on some details as well..

Angel 8:42 AM  

freakin' amazing!
thanks for sharing.

David 11:39 AM  

that's brilliant.

If only the actual game animation would look like this instead of the animatronic robots I expect it will have.

Adam Temple 2:26 PM  

Yeah man, there's a bunch of shots there where it obviously Valley. The 3D reminded me of those Coke commercials too.. Thanks for sharing!

RAWLS 9:12 PM  

Yea, Passion Pictures always pump out great work.

Kristian 1:08 AM  

Outstanding work!
It's was Directed by the awesome Pete Candeland. Uber talented Robert Valley handled both animation direction and the character design. Backgrounds were designed and painted by Alberto Mielgo, Daniel Cacouault, Lukasz Pazera, Jim Bowers, and the great Alan Aldridge. All in all a super team!

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