Friday, June 19, 2009

He's Barack Obama


Ian Worrel 10:40 PM  


Hoggan 9:54 AM  

haha awful?..AWESOME! good work buddy

kevinzico 12:49 PM  

Hahahaha! Nice! quality!

Rochelle Burrows 1:15 AM  

Ahahahahah so cool!

Allie 5:43 AM  

This is AWESOME. How the heck did they manage to manipulate it to look like he says "Pirates"?

Team Diana 10:05 PM  

thumbs up!

EnjoyTheSauce 7:12 AM  

Dude, I'm totally impressed by how good n' cartoony the animation looks. Sweetness.

OMG Look! A compliment, free of snark! I'm losing my touch.

Andre Barnwell 4:33 PM  

Oh Alan. What did you do for this. If you tell me everythign then ....I'm sorry for all the evlil things i said about you...LOL...but not really. LOL. REALLY DOPE! The designs...just the designs.

Yash 7:12 AM  

, JUST MADE MY DAY! Awesome video. I also like your new blog template/theme.

Ian Worrel 3:41 PM  

Still think its awful. Aren't the pirates supposed to be Somali? Idiots.

Desiree 11:07 AM  

I cant tell if they're making fun of him or not...

kopi.J 7:39 PM  

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