Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Character Poster....

Hey all,

In my spare time today I was putting together a poster of everyone's fourth year film character this year at Sheridan.

Here's a wallpaper sized version of the current version of the file. The real file is really cumbersome - around a gig and takes around 15 minutes to load. Anyways, there's still about 30 people's characters missing and I hope to get these fairly soon.

1280X1024 4:3 Version:

1920X1080 16:10 Version:

I've updated the files (twice now!) with a few more characters...


maarten 2:38 AM  

haha thats so awesome.

Marjolaine 12:36 PM  

What a good idea ! I have the impression to play at Where's Waldo haha :P Randeep, if you read this, I found your taxi driver !

clifford chiu 3:33 PM  

good stuff.. i think guillaume's boy character looks awkwardly placed though. maybe you should move him away from the godhand lol

Milenko 11:14 PM  

Sweet work here, I really enjoyed my visit.



You Win 11:23 PM  

lolz 15 minutes

looks like some cool stuff in there

Janine Chang 1:15 AM  

Good job and nice idea!

clifford chiu 7:55 AM  

one more thing alan... marci's horse looks like it's about to be shot in the mouth. lol.

Mihir Malavia 5:11 PM  

Alan buddy i sent u an email with my character for the poster. Not sure if its too late for u to put him in, but if u could that would be cool. Take a look..

Robin 11:47 AM  

awesome al! :D

Philip Rodrigues 2:37 PM  

Wow, Joe is such a curious little guy isn’t he.

clifford chiu 4:57 PM  

OH MAN i just noticed what joe's doing!! HAHAH!!!

Jarrett 7:02 PM  

Love that fat witch!

Bonnie Tang 4:06 PM  

daaamn...thats a lot of characters

Dave Dick 9:41 AM  

Hey Man! I come by here almost daily to check what you have up next. Good luck on the last push on your film - from everyhting we can see here, I know it'll be a wonderful film :)

Ogi Grujic 12:43 AM  

this poster got me curious, lots of good characters

Juan de Santiago 9:17 PM  

So cool!! Thanks to you and Randeep for putting this together!

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