Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Art of Disney Animation...

Well here's an amazing blog!

The french blog is chock full of various conceptual artwork from various Disney/Pixar films. Check it out!


Kei Acedera 8:57 AM  

Awesome link Allan! thanks for this!

Lettie Lo 10:52 PM  

very inspired by this link : )

Garrett Hanna 11:43 PM  

Mmm mm! Thanks for sharing!

maarten 6:13 AM  

hey dude,
im pretty sure youve been told this a million times before but: your life drawings are absolutely amazing. unbelievable. I especially dig your watercolor work. very very inspiring.
I was wondering.... what scanner settings do you use for the pen/watercolour sketches? cause my scanner always messes the colour up.
thanks.. cant wait for more life drawings!

Kristian 3:28 PM  

great link alan. you have the definitive blog.
One can see how much you love your craft. inspirational!

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