Friday, March 07, 2008

Toronto Animation Industry Night...

Just thought I'd remind everyone about this going on tomorrow....

Just thought I'd spread the word about the Toronto Animation Industry Night. The deets are:

Thursday, March 6th . 7 - 11pm
Veritas 234 King St. E. Toronto
Open Bar 7 - 9pm
Live Animation Jam, Event Screening, Networking

Check out the Toronto Animation Industry Night website for more details.


Andre Barnwell 3:24 PM  

thanks for posting that up i think i may make an effort to reach. get some more go train mileage.

Georgiy Verby 10:15 PM  

thanks alan! definitely need to attend.

Jarrett 12:55 PM  

This may seem like an odd time to say this, but I have to commend you on this blog, Alan. It's an informative, inspiring source for art and animation news.

Your work is looking more and more tight every time I come here. Hurrah!

Cookedart 10:34 PM  

Andre, Georgiy - probably see you guys there!

Jarrett - No problemo man - I really use this blog to just give myself links to stuff I find interesting that I know I'll be able to pick up again sometime in the future - It's great to hear that other people like all the stuff I find interesting.

And thanks for the compliments about my stuff! Means a lot man! Your stuff is looking slick too!

Unknown 8:16 AM  

Awesome! I might bump into you guys later on tonight then. It's great to be able to see some familiar Sheridan faces again.

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