Saturday, January 12, 2008

Princess and the Frog....

This image just popped up around the net from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog"

Via Matt Williames.


Hoggan 6:20 AM  

Wow this movie is offically going to be the WORST. Way to go Disney!!.......

Matt Williames 2:12 PM  

Hoggan: welp, you can judge it without knowing anything about it, ORRRRRRR you can give it a chance. I admit, it seems a little silly but you never know how it's gonna be until it shows opening night. Give it chance, 2D needs it.

Hoggan 3:29 PM  

Fair enough Matt...yet try not confuse my negativity with lack of enthusiasm. I'll be there opening night with the rest of the animation world hoping our low expectations are tarnished with an absolutely amazing film! I'm sure the animation will be nice to look at anyway you look at it. ;)

Jeffrey Cheung 3:51 PM  

Hi Alan,

You'll most likely run upon this eventually, but thought I'd just link you to it. I think you will find it interesting, and perhaps want to share it on your blog.

Matt Williames 4:52 PM  

Hoggan: I understand your skeptisism... I think on first glance it could seem a little silly. I'll be there with ya on opening night, hoping it's a return great storytelling.

Amanda 9:27 PM  

Ooooooh :D
I await to hear more on this topic :9

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