Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Layout...

Hey all,

I know some of you are curious as to the progress of the film...

Well.. we've completed all the layouts and are working out the background paintings on the fly... As for animation, we're well into rough animation, and I believe we've roughed out a majority of the scenes.

Anyways, this is a first pass at one of the beegees. Needs quite a bit more work, but pretty much everything does!


Tapan Gandhi 9:30 PM  

lookin' good, alan!

Lettie Lo 12:03 AM  

prettty : ) looking forward alan

bonnie-ann black 10:59 AM  

yeah! a scottish pub... if you ever think of selling some of your cells or making this a print, i'd be interested...

Juan de Santiago 8:31 PM  

Cool! The stuff you and Phil are doing for the film looks awesome!

Andrea Fernandez 2:41 PM  

I love this layout...looks amazing.

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