Thursday, January 31, 2008

My mentor this week pointed out to us that Sheridan has a deal worked out with the reseller

For those of you looking to pick up either a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection or Design Premium, you can pick up one through the site for 499.98 and 299.98 respectively... they're normally 2766.00 and 1990.00... so that's quite a huge savings. I've also been told that this isn't only an education-only discount that only allows you to use it as a student - both faculty and students can purchase this and apparently use it professionally (or so I've been told)....

Check it out here (make sure to click on the image on the left side of the page advertising the suite for 299)


AndyG 6:27 PM  

Er, try, 689+ for any of the collections, and also try adobe's educational discount, which is surprisingly, cheaper ;)

just send adobe a copy of your student ID, and they'll be sure to give you a more generous discount than said

just a follow-up :)

Cookedart 11:40 PM  

Andy G - You have to log into the journeyed site to see the discounts that the Sheridan site offers - and the offer is, as I said, 299 for the design premium, and 499 for the master collection.

The equivalent on the educational website is 999 for the master collection, 599 or the design premium.

You have to dig around to find it, but it's there...

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