Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Your Friend the Rat

I don't own a hi-def tv, or a blu-ray/HD DVD player, but Hi-def 3D animation is definitely a good case for the extra resolution.

Case in point, apparently the Blu-ray edition of Ratatouille will feature an exclusive short, "Your Friend the Rat", directed by Jim Capobianco (story by Jeff Pidgeon, and Alexander Woo).

[Update] The user reviews on Amazon seem to point to the short being on both the DVD and Bluray versions - we'll see when it comes out, I guess!

Here are some stills I've found:

I'm not sure how many of you read my "News from the Grapevine" section to the left, but in related Pixar news, there was some Wall-E test screenings in Portland recently, with one account posted here. Apparently the film looked 80% finished to the viewer.

Also, according to the New York Times, Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks may be up for sale.


Bill Robinson 9:56 PM  

I went to a benefit dinner at pixar last month and got to see the 'world premiere' of this short. It's pretty entertaining, and is about 90% non-CG. Mostly hand drawn, but also some stop motion. The beginning and end feature Remy and Emile as 3D characters from the film. It's a great film and I'm sad to see it will only be on the Blu-Ray release...maybe I should be looking into that PS3...

Cookedart 11:09 PM  

I might be wrong about that... Animated News reported the Blu-Ray only thing, but Amazon seems to think otherwise...

libra bear 9:13 AM  

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