Tuesday, October 02, 2007

From Today....


Frankie Stellato 5:39 PM  

Nice stuff Alan! Just wondering what medium you used? Pen with photoshop? Water colours? Thanks!

Cookedart 5:51 PM  

Hey Frankie,

Ballpoint pen and watercolor.

I might have used a little col-erase as a rough planning out drawing.

clifford chiu 7:28 PM  

dude, these are SO good.

Pete Emslie 7:42 PM  

Hey Alan,

These are really nicely done. You're developing a very sensitive line to portray form well. I must admit, I prefer your work in real pen and watercolour over the digital sketches, but that's just me. The down shot of that fellow's head is expertly handled - good job!

Much better than that lame-ass caricatured icon of your pal, Clifford... :)

Aldo 2:46 AM  

Fantastic poses!

Amanda 8:40 PM  

I really like the second one, you can really feel the emotion in it.

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