Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Send a Sendable!

JibJab's launched up their new line of videos/images/thingamabobbers called Sendables, the line of "Non-Crappy eCards".

Some of my personal favorites are New Baby, The Cuddly Bunny Birthday (Ok, I'm biased on that one - I worked on it), and pretty much all of the Postcards.

What's great about sendables is that they're created by real artists, have a credit model (instead of subscription service), and all have a level of twisted, clever, and/or silly level of humour attached to them. Also, you get 50 free credits just for signing up to

It also doesn't hurt that awesome artists like Nate Wragg, Ray Xu and Johannes Uy worked on the content for JibJab. Go ahead and check out the level of artistry of some of the competition's eCards, and you'll see why Sendables are so great.

Do yourself a favor and check out Sendables!


Jarrett 3:49 PM  

Ohhhhh! That was SO awesome, man. I really enjoyed designing on Cuddly Bunnies:D JibJab has it goin' on boi!!

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