Sunday, January 28, 2007

Water, water everywhere....

So ya, not sure if you heard, but a fire hose erupted on the 17th floor of our building. Suffice to say that many apartments got flooded with water.

This is me finding this out in our apartment.

Looks like I'll be stuck at the school until we get power back...


arzu 6:53 PM  

oh dear!i'm sorry to hear that.i hope everything gets back to normal soon,many cool new work Alan.
My blog address got deleted after a series of unfortunate events,i have created a new one,please update,the only thing you need to do is to erase the "s" of my previous blog address.

Unknown 8:19 AM  

So sorry to hear about your apartment, that's unfortunate. Hope everything will get back to normal for you soon. :)

gibby! 8:45 AM  

nice drawing alan..... although the face isn't as dumb looking as the real life counter part :P OOOOOOOOHH!!! (i know, i'm an idiot) anyway dude. seriously i do have a problem with the right hand though. maybe it would be nice if it had more form? know what i mean? i don't know. i think it could look much better if it resembled more like the left hand. still thoug, overall it's a very nice drawing.

ps. it sucks to hear about your place.

Lettie Lo 10:26 PM  

u are in the 8th flooor!! it couldnt be that bad. D:

Cookedart 7:50 PM  

Hey Arzu - Thanks for visiting. I'm still staying at the holiday Inn while they fix my place :(

I've already relinked your blog - keep posting!

Alina - Thanks for your concern! I hope things get back soon too, haha.

Gabe - You're a sucker, lol. With the hand, I did a better version of this but I messed up the painting. I agree with you though for sure.

Thank's for leaving the personal concern to a postscript too. "Your drawing has problems and I think you should change it. P.S. sorry to hear your place got destroyed" -- LOL!

Just kidding Gabe, you know we're cool.

Lettie - It's definetly dramatized, though we did get quite a bit. The floors in the process of being redone right now.

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