Sunday, January 21, 2007

Life from today.

Nothing too special I don't think.


Seo Kim 3:22 PM  

The second one is special! I like it!

Cookedart 12:29 AM  

Hey Seo,

Thanks much! I dunno -wasn't feeling it much that day.

Hey - I checked out your blog - blown away by the work! You're definetly in a great position to get into Sheridan - I wish I was that good in High School!

Looks like your work overall in life drawing is still on the observational side - Definetly delve into skeletal anatomy until you understand it like the back of your hand, then attach the muscles. Trust me, it really helps your understanding of the human figure and your ability to draw.

Again, really really fabulous work.

Thanks for the continued commenting as well!

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