Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Usual Suspects...


Mihir Malavia 7:03 PM  

Lookin good Alan. And really nice demo reel by the way. Keep up the sweet work you art machine.

Cookedart 12:43 AM  

Hey Mihir,

Thanks a lot man!

Pretty nice reel you got yourself!

I like the music a lot - good choice!

Alex Sinenko 9:40 AM  

Nice. I like your work man, but sometimes it's a little hard to read, maybe keeping your silhouettes clearer would help (in this piece color would obviously clarify things too).

Cookedart 8:35 PM  

Hey Alex,

I'll definetly keep this in mind.

I started this one as a color piece but felt it looked better in B+W. I definetly feel what you're saying with the silhouettes though.

Thanks for commenting!

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