Thursday, April 06, 2006

Two Tanyas

A model I've never seen before. Ten minutes each.


Anonymous 8:18 PM  

nice modelling in the 10.. i don't know what she looks like well enough to comment on the portrait though...

i have to say though, the brown that you're using for the underpainting is really distracting for me. it's so thickly painted that i think it takes away from the drawing. the colour isn't the most inviting either.. maybe make it a bit warmer and diluted???


Andrew Chan 2:07 AM  

Hmm.. Is Tanya the filipino model who's a dancer as well?

I was wondering how you got the brown on the background? is that just watered down acrylic paint on newsprint?

Anddd.. pastel goes on it well?

Anonymous 5:31 AM  

no, the philipino model is tawnee...


Matthew Lau 1:03 PM  

nice, that 10 on the bottom is really nice. a fav of mine :)

Cookedart 7:42 PM  

Thanks for all the comments everyone.

Andrew - Yes, Brown Acrylic Paint, but on Cartridge or Bond paper (not newsprint - too thin and would buckle under a wet medium I find). Pastel actually doesn't work that great on it (compared to straight newsprint), but I prefer it to the feel of kraft paper.

Cliff - Yes, I'm going to experiment with how the acrylics work with the life drawing. My only concern with painting it in diluted is that the streaks will be more noticeable, or at the very least, will have more variations in tone, as well as cause the paper to buckle. I find the color looks better in real life (the unpainted paper is a pure white), so there's some small color balance issues with the camera I'm using. It's also easier for me to prepare because it's straight out of the tube. But yeah, I really want to find a decent paint color that would work fairly well with just white and black. And the likeness was so-so, I find it more difficult to be accurate with that sort of thing with this technique, not really sure why though. Thanks for the crit.

Diagallery and Matt~ - Glad you like it! The technique needs work still I think, though.

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