Monday, January 11, 2010


Are incredible creatures.


Roland MacDonald 2:55 AM  

Nice designs. Like the texture detail

pakoto 4:10 AM  

aaaaaaaaamazing!!! love the style

Andre Barnwell 5:52 AM  


Abhilash.N 7:46 AM  


Finn Clark 7:52 AM  

Love the style of these. Very nice!

Kendra Melton 8:52 AM  

is it Grey Whale, Humpback, Blue Whale? in case i'm totally wrong I can't decide if the top or bottom one is my favorite. Very cool approach! :]

Romney Caswell 9:49 AM  

Beautiful Alan!

Viiiiz 1:22 PM  

You always find so splendid styles with a really fun construction of your characters!
Go on I love =D!

Tatevik Avakyan 2:34 PM  

These are beautiful!

Cookedart 8:56 PM  

Thanks all.

Kendra - There's a humpback, bowhead, and blue whale.

Kendra Melton 10:23 PM  

aw, so close :P

Danka 8:18 AM  

Woahhh! That's amazing! I love that stylization! Nice!

Adam Temple 9:29 AM  

Awesome. And yes they are.

Daisy Church 6:43 PM  

so beautiful!!! : D

Alexis Barattin 1:17 PM  

wonderful and completely confusing - how did you colour these?! gorgeous!

Yuheng Chiang 8:47 AM  

i love it!!
I am wondering how did u make the texture for the whales??

ghada 4:32 PM

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