Thursday, January 14, 2010


Harder than you'd think...


Rémi CrosaSSo 12:52 PM  

Hi Mr Cook, I believe you. When it look simple, it's really hard in fact. I mean, hard to make something simple. THAT is interesting.
Very nice car anyway. Easy shape and color to "read" the picture very fast. Good.

Betsy Bauer 2:17 PM  

I really love all of the texture you put into your designs. It's heavy, but it doesn't feel over done. :)

Jordan Lamarre-Wan 9:29 AM  

Looks really cool !! keep it up!

Jarrett 12:02 PM  

yes they are! nice go at it tho

Mark 6:07 PM  

this is really dope Cook!

ghada 4:29 PM  

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