Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who's Hungry?

A great short by first year Calarts student David Ochs.


Hammy 9:52 AM  

... Holy crap that was disturbing.. But it's great alright. It has somewhat of a Hansel and Gretel plot to it. Amazing work!!! Thanks for sharing!

Domee 6:13 PM  

My palms were sweatin' a little back there~ So scary! Love the animation and build-up of suspense! :D

Angel 9:28 AM  


Agnes Salek 3:51 PM  

One of the best suspence building and storytelling pieces i've seen in a while, when it comes to animated shorts! I'm real excited to see his future works!

Eric 7:29 AM  

i hear disney, dreamworks and blue sky are fighting it out for the rights to the full length project. man i hope disney wins this time. they are the only ones that could really get the plush toys and lunch boxes right. it would be sad to see the merchandizing screwed up on this one.

BEN 1:14 PM  

O-O amazing...

Jason Barnes 11:02 AM  

oh damn, that was awesome. shocking when he blended up that frozen kid.. fucked-up in an entertaining kinda way.

Alice 10:53 AM  

I love the little grasping hands gestures slipped into it. So gory as well! I loved it ! :)

Anonymous 12:54 AM  
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