Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tiger Woods: Gatorade.

Via [Rune Bennicke}


Hrishikesh 12:42 AM  

enjoyed watching it
thx man

Anonymous 10:41 AM  

Impressive work! What programs did you use?

RAWLS 11:37 AM  

hahah... I wish I could just drink magic energy drink water from some falls in the woods with animated golf coaches and become amazing! Nice anim!

Emmanuel Briand 1:07 AM  

productive , attractive special content ! thanks for your last comment on my blog , you did quite maked me cry a tear of joy , it was a long since i' ve received a word from the world hahaha , i need to stop working sometimes i guess ... meet friends , spend time to waste it , and waste my time to spend it ... on web ... and ... waste it ... so ,bye alan cook and congrats to the little pink beaver on planet earth who give us the force to think that reality is what we need but fantasy is what we rich .

Sarroora 1:32 PM  

This is such good animation! Great work!

Andre Barnwell 5:19 PM  

HOLY SHIT! That character in the top right hand corner of your blog.. GOOD LOOK ALAN COOK!

Pete Emslie 4:57 PM  

I agree that the character styling and animation is first rate in this Gatorade spot. But I have to say it - I can't stand the look of digitally painted backgrounds. Don't get me wrong, as I'm not knocking the great Hans Bacher, the veteran background painter who did these. But if you look at his traditionally painted backgrounds from "The Lion King" for example, and compare them to these, the digital counterparts look sterile and devoid of warmth.

The problem lies not in the artist's colour sensibilities, nor in his execution with the medium, but is instead an inherent problem in much computer painting software. Essentially, you're painting with "light" rather than real opaque pigment, and there is something metallic and unpleasant about the results, at least in my opinion. Additionally, the technique seems to produce a similar look to the old "Paint-by-Numbers" hobby kits, in that there is a blobby look to the painting, especially apparent in the handling of the foliage in this animated spot. (I noticed the same thing in Disney's "Atlantis", by the way.)

Anyway, that's just the opinion of this old curmudgeon who far appreciates the look of animation backgrounds rendered on illustration board with real honest to goodness paint...

Saud Boksmati 8:32 AM  

some great posts Alan thanks :)

David 11:00 AM  

Hey, Pete,

I think Hans Bacher was only on the project for a short time at the beginning doing some early development. I could have heard wrong, but I don't think Hans ended up supervising the painting of the final BG's.

On Rune's blog he mentions Hans' involvement as being "a few weeks"

Jason Barnes 7:25 PM  

still don't understand gatorade's new approach to marketing itself. first the black and white drama pieces showcasing athletes and dance troupes, now this abomination of style and color. what the hell is wrong with them.

this town needs an enema.

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