Thursday, January 08, 2009


Darren Rawlings
Miah Alcorn
Jason Boesch
Aurélien Predal
Olivier Delabarre
Chris Battle
Philip Vose
The Boston Globe's "Big Picture"
Megan Brain
Prince Nez
Pierre Nicolas-Riou
Yasmin Joyner
Mike Nguyen
Christian Robinson
Kendelle Hoyer


RAWLS 5:44 PM  

Wow thanks bro! You should also put yourself on that list.
... but then, I guess that wouldn't make a lot of sense would it, seein as people are already on your blog, and a link to your blog on your blog would just be strange. Hows that for motivation!

Jarrett 2:01 AM  

Hey don't forget me! HAHA

Anonymous 3:44 PM  

Hey, my name's J. R. Spumkin, and I just stumbled onto your blog.

I had a question: what's your opinion on Disney sequels?

Just a random question, curious. Maybe you could do a post, idk.

Anyways, consider me a new reader!


Kim Gadbois 8:26 PM  

great list!

Gilberto Valadares 5:36 AM  

i have one word for your drawings...
WOW!!! :)))

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