Saturday, January 17, 2009



Philip Rodrigues 6:16 PM  

Ha ha that was really great, love the ending.

RAWLS 6:37 PM  

Wow...where did you find that and who did it?!? Super amazing animation... and super annoying characters...which I'm sure was the point!

Bobby Pontillas 11:50 PM  

That looked amazing!!

Lisa Tao 1:05 AM  

:D hi im lisa

Jazzy 4:04 AM  

lol!this was hilarious!

Hoggan 7:19 PM  

holy amazing awesome ...rediculous

Evan Bonifacio 11:34 AM  

reminds me of my sister...

BEN 1:06 PM  

°_° superbe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philip Rodrigues 3:30 AM  


Álvaro 8:10 PM  

Really great..yeah!

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