Sunday, July 06, 2008

Two plugs...

Two of my good friends have just started up their blogs...

First up is my good bud Matt Nealon. He is a crazy maniac and I suggest you keep on eye on his stuff! (Matt - I know you'll love the fact that I chose this image to advertise your blog)

Also, another one of my good buds Marceline Gagnon-Tanguay has restarted her blog! Definitely worth checking out!


CMAC 8:00 PM  

hey man. your always posting up new and interesting things. If you havent heard about this figured maybe it might be worth posting about. I'd do it but no one visits my blogs haha....

Again, maybe you've heard of it maybe not. either way I thought it looked interesting. up to you...

hope your having a good summer
sincerely, a 3rd year to be-
Chris M

Jarrett 1:22 PM  

bah! So jealous of Marcy.

Catherine Hicks 7:30 PM  

Marcy! She's an intern here at Pixar. Came down with my buddy Guillaume.

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