Friday, July 11, 2008

Disney Lost and Found...

Looks like animation writer Charles Solomon has put together yet another interesting book, entitled "Disney Lost and Found: Exploring the Hidden Artwork from Never-Produced Animation" (Amazon Link Here).

According to Amazon...

Disney's Lost Art is a deluxe celebration of the visual development of shorts, scenes, and entire feature length films by Walt Disney Animation Studios that, for one reason or another, never made it to the screen. The book will be divided into three sections. The first part will focus on animation drawings, story sketches, and concept art created for vintage scenes that were cut from shorts and features including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Rescuers. The second section will be dedicated entirely to Wild Life, a Disney feature film that was never finished. Part Three will be devoted to My Peoples, another unfinished feature. Disney fans and art enthusiasts will delight in this exclusive look at an untold piece of Disney history.

Paul Briggs post to his blog stating:

I just got through looking over this and there's some really great images in it. Some wonderful Bill Peet boards, Andreas Deja character designs, and some amazing concept paintings by the very talented Andy Harkness.


Tapan Gandhi 4:15 PM  

saw this book in a bookstore a couple weeks ago and had to get it

overall, pretty cool stuff

the character designs are good, but nothing eye popping

Jotodo 5:03 AM  

Hey Alan! Happy B day to you too!!!
I will have to check out this book. Hope all is well and keep in touch:)

Amanda 3:33 PM  

Oh yeah, this book looks sweet. There's a bunch of other Disney books that are coming out that i posted on my blog that i want to get 8)

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