Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kung Fu Panda...

I got a chance to attend a screening of Kung Fu Panda today with directors Mark Osborne and John Stevenson.... and I have to mirror Jerry Beck's opinion of the film. It is absolutely awesome and one of the best 3D animated films I have ever seen. Go out and see it June 6!

The directors also gave a great talk after the screening and are totally champs for coming all the way to Toronto to promote the film.

I also wanted to point out that the Art of Kung Fu Panda is now available at Chapters, Amazon, and the Labyrinth. There are 96 pages for just design alone, much of featuring the fabulous work of the prolific Nicolas Marlet, who did the drawings below:

Go out and buy the book, and see the movie!


Team Diana 8:57 AM  

I'm kind of... super excited for this film, dude.

Like, I don't want to be this excited...

And I'm totally jealous that you've already seen it.

Oh, and I put my blog back, but I bet you already noticed...

Benjamin 10:10 PM  

was lucky enough to work on the film and we are certainly proud of it. Glad you enjoyed it! oh and yeah... Nico is AMAZING.

Tim Yu 1:45 AM  

It might break the all time record. anyone wanna bet? can't wait!

3d Character Artirst * Photograher 12:42 PM  

i'm liking the peacock...everything is sweet. keep it going man.

Heidi Smith 10:44 PM  

Those designs are SWEET!!!!!

Jean-Denis Haas 5:54 PM  

Hey Benjamin, congratulations! Saw it today and really liked it! Easily Dreamwork's best, can't wait to watch it again on Blu-ray with all the special features!

Jonathan Coit 6:10 PM  

I am excited for the art-of book, and the story was really nice. Though from certain standpoints I think the film fell short. It is something in the Dreamworks eyes that make some characters theme thoughtless, non-living that I am not a fan of. Also some of the character animation (mostly acting or dialog pieces) that were no where near strong enough. I could probably chop that up to mediocre voice work. Over the Hedge still holds top Dreamworks spot for me. Overall it wasn't an awful film, but it definitely fell short of some of the 3D I have seen lately (Horton) acting wise.

Cookedart 11:03 PM  

Jon - I disagree wholeheartedly... I think the animation is definitely strong enough to support the story.. and the story is a million and one times more entertaining than Over the Hedge.

Case in point...

The story of a group of vermin try to gather enough food from humans in suburbia for winter but get tricked by a racoon...


Ancient chinese warriors train to one day fend off the kung fu master that ravaged their city fearing one day he might return...

Which seems like not only the better premise for a film, but the film that would quite simply be able to fully utilise the medium of animation?

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