Saturday, May 10, 2008

Damned Cute!

This is the final film of my bud from Calarts, Matt Nealon. I just had to post it.

Make sure to swing by his youtube channel and check out his other films as well.

I should also note that there is 30 seconds of black at the end for no reason whatsoever. Good job Matt.


EnjoyTheSauce 1:29 AM  

Well, my fellow fluid-filled skin-sack, that 30 seconds of black is to give you contemplation time to formulate a coherent response to the glorious animated magnum opus you've just witnessed.

And... only 83 people have actually watched it. I'm so proud!

This, of course, is a fancy way of saying "the damned magic-electric box (computer) refused to do what I wanted and I finally gave up because it was like 4:30 am and I hadn't slept in about 33 hours and I was pretty sure if I stayed awake any longer my heart would have exploded."

I hate computers. Have I mentioned I hate computers? Because I hate computers.

Hey - so I saw your finished film. It's remarkably close to the boards. And very visually pretty. It has that thing... um... What is it again? Oh yes! "Art direction." One day I'll get me some of that.

So Alan... got a job yet? Hey, all right - me neither!

Also, Ian is now King and Almighty Overlord of JibJab. Next conquest: Earth.


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