Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Layout...

Spent too long on it and made too many mistakes..

Haven't done a location design since first year.


Isabel Burriel 12:26 AM  

I love your work. And I like your blog a lot.
Kisses from Spain

clifford urban 8:43 AM  

wonderfull artwork and very interesting stuff..........
great blog and greetings from belgium

Tapan Gandhi 3:00 PM  

awesome layout, alan!

umm.. salutations from toronto

gibby! 8:18 PM  

excellent work alan! if there are mistakes in there, i definately can't see them. anyway, it's nice to see some layouts coming from you for a change. i don't know if you have to time for it, but if you were to watercolour that or at some colour to it, i wonder how it would turn out. anyway, great work dude!

Cookedart 9:59 PM  

Thanks much to la interrogaciĆ³n, Clifford, cool to see people from all around are liking my stuff!

Tapan - haha, nice one!

Gabe - definetly, though I think it'd take too long.

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