Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Danish Poet

For those who want to view this year's Best Animated Short Film Oscar Winner, check out this NFB link.

[Update] As Mr. Blake pointed out, Non-Canadian viewers can view this short here at much lower quality.


Anonymous 12:51 PM  

oh, i was *dying* to see this (and all the other animated shorts) but it says the content is not available in the US! it's discrimination, that's what it is!

by the way, i *loved* checking out your site every couple of days to see what you're working on. keep up the good work.

Anonymous 2:02 PM  

"All of Canada was honoured on Oscar® Night when the National Film Board of Canada received its 12th Academy Award®, for Torill Kove's The Danish Poet, co-produced by Norway's Mikrofilm AS and the NFB.

Now the NFB is inviting all Canadians to join in the celebration."

(Video Content Not Available in United States)."


Anonymous 3:57 PM  

...Google to the rescue!

new link

most of the other nominations (no Lifted as yet)

thanks for the original post Alan!

cedrolibanes 10:48 AM  

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