Monday, November 06, 2006

Some life...

Just some stuff from today...


Eric 2:04 PM  

I just found your blog and beautiful work. You must be very proud. Thanks for sharing these intimate creations with us readers.

Anonymous 7:22 PM  


I'm a fundies, can you explain how you render the 2nd and 3rd drawings? they are awesome!

Cookedart 9:15 PM  

Hey Eric - Thanks for the comment! Glad you like my stuff!

Anonymous - I block in the drawing, lay down the tone as a silhouette, smudge the drawing, put the line down, start shading, go onto it with an eraser, and reshade the drawing.

I'll smudge the drawing several times in these stages as well. The key is the smudging and the erasing, as well as the control with the stick medium to do soft and hard edges at will.

Hope this helps!

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