Thursday, November 02, 2006

Found this today...

John Lasseter/Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are"

All The Cats Join In:

Last Year's Group films:

Little Big:

A Present for the Eiffel Tower:


Mark Mayerson 9:27 AM  

The drawn animation in the Wild Things clip is by Glen Keane.

Unknown 1:33 PM  

awesome post. The Wild Things clip was fun to watch

Cookedart 4:44 PM  

Hey Mark - Really? Thanks for the info - I totally didn't know that (but I -did- really like the animation!)

Hey Bobby - Thanks! Your videos are pretty awesome too. Make sure Jody learns a lot in your painting class - we're definetly looking to get some awesome painting going on in our film!

Erica Pitt 8:08 PM  

Oh cool, you found our film (Little Big). It was a little dissapointing it didn't get screened last year eventhough it was finished.
Oh well...I hope things work out better this year.

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