Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sony's Deal

So what's the deal with Sony lately? With the PS3 being delayed until November, how are they keeping on top of videogames? Well, apparently, the PSP "has brought in more than $1.6 billion as of calendar year 2005, more than both Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS combined." (per Gamespot). The coolest thing that happened was them announcing A price cut, a GPS Module, A VOIP camera video-chat accessory, and a PSOne emulator for the PSP that lets you play PSOne games. Oh yeah, and apparently the PSP might even play Spore.


rosetravale 11:20 PM  

Hey there, I stumbled across your blog from I'm at Sheridan also (third year illustration). I dig your stuff. The canson coloured ground life drawing stuff is really great!

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