Friday, March 10, 2006

Body Worlds

Hey there,

Wasn't too happy with my life drawing from today. So I thought I'd post some older stuff.

This is from the body worlds 2 exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. It's the swordsman, the man divided into three at the thigh.

Oh, by the way, I hit 3000 hits today because of you guys. Thanks a bunch for coming back.

Special thanks to all of you who linked me - you guys are champs. Seeing as how linking seems to be the most common way that blogs are being circulated, make sure to link everyone who you keep checking back on - It's a surefire way to make the blog community go round and round.


S. Stephani Soejono 1:37 AM  

Thanks fer linking :)

EricV 3:39 PM  

this is one of the best lifedrawings ive seen from you....i reallly like this one!

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