Monday, January 26, 2015

Mecha Drill.. in color!

Color was easier to pin down on this.. I think everyone had a like-minded notion of the materials those little boxtrolls used to create this thing, it was more a matter of calling out which specific materials went where. This painting eventually called out (more or less) each specific piece that they used to assemble it (I'm sure Leigh and the other painters would argue I missed quite a few). It's pretty amazing that the final thing had fully functional wonky gears, pulleys, lights, switches, buttons, and levers. Quite a bit of math and engineering had to go into actually making that work.

A few things I can call out... snatcher hits a button up top that turns on a big fan box on its left side.. its what creates the suction in its left arm for grabbing Boxtrolls. We also did work out what all the controls do in the cockpit, but I'm pretty sure no one person would be capable of piloting it (more likely something like a tank crew would be more appropriate). I did actually create a way for water to go from the left arm into the furnace (the redhats load coal in from a back door that funnels into it). Lastly, I kept the inside of the cage black to not make it too hard to read, but also to hide what happens when Eggs mysteriously wakes up in Snatcher's factory with different clothing on. Maybe this is why Herbert says jelly all the time?

Also there's been some great news! First off, we got an Oscar Nomination! Also, you can now buy it on Blu Ray!

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