Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cheese Guild

Trying to apply the same design philosophy to a building that you do to a character takes some doing. I was tasked with finalizing the concepts that Michel Breton and Tom McClure worked out for the centerpiece of Cheesebridge, the Cheese Guild. This is what I came up with. Michel had an interesting way of tipping horizontal lines and creating a rhythm in the buildings that I wanted to keep as much as possible (as well as the overall feeling of looseness). It's complete with every sort of milk-producing animal. The building in real life is pretty staggeringly huge (I believe it's a fair bit taller than a person?)

A few of us came up with a few pretty great puns to put on the guild itself, though I believe in the end it just says Cheesum Gildam. I'll update this post if I can remember what the alternates were.

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