Monday, November 03, 2014

Egg's Goggles

So I had the great opportunity to help design on Laika's latest film, "The Boxtrolls" directed by Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable. Initially I helped out with nailing down the look of the characters. Designer Michel Breton did a great job establishing the look and feel of the world and I did my best to emulate the way he drew.

Since Eggs had been living as a Boxtroll for most of his life we wanted to make it seem as though Eggs was trying everything he could to look like a boxtroll. The idea of his goggles were something that were around for a long time (Notably designer Tom McClure had done a bunch of great designs, many of which you can see in the "Art of Boxtrolls" book). We also needed to make sure it looked as though it was hobbled together with disparate elements (his right eye is made of a mason jar with the bottom of a glass bottle inserted inside, the left was a hose clamp).

I tried to make it so his silhouette was similar to that of a boxtroll, but on second glance, you could could tell something was up.

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