Thursday, June 16, 2011

De'Von Stubblefield


Also, he's apparently 16.


Christina Yang 5:06 PM  

Alan, thank you so much for all of your posts on artists you find. Stubblefield's work is so cool, as is yours!

Tyson Murphy 5:11 PM  

pretty impressive! til i saw this one and recognized it as andrew shek's work:

and andrew's original from last year:

Anthony Holden 11:06 PM  

This kid is the real deal. Passionate, talented, and hungry for learning. I've spent some time with him when he visited DreamWorks a couple of times--genuine, friendly guy.

And, yeah, only 16. Sheesh!

Tyson Murphy 12:05 AM  

ah so he's legit? that one piece hit a little too close for comfort to call original work, I'd say, but DANG, his stuff is awesome

Stephanie Roos 4:10 AM  

But how in heavens-name did he get into Disney and which strings did he pull to visit Dreamworks?! His art is amazing, but that is even more amazing! Cause even when you're a very good artist it is hard to visit these places.So Anthony Holden, do tell me I'm very curious :)

Anthony Holden 4:19 PM  

@Stephanie Roos

He's a student in the Ryman program ( I guess through his connections in the program he was introduced to Shane Prigmore (Ryman graduate), who had him down to the studio for an afternoon. I work right down the hall from Shane, so I stopped by to meet De'Von when he was here.

...and that's the story!

Stephanie Roos 5:21 AM  

Aah that explains a lot. Thanks Anthony, appreciate it.

Jarrett 1:21 PM  
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abhishek singh 11:33 AM  

your blog is one blog i keep coming to find new interesting artistic links and news, THANKS for posting them.i wish this guy lots of luck, real awesome talent, :)

paolo_gaspare 4:04 AM  

Your art is awesome!


Natalie Andrewson 9:57 PM  

This guy has a beautiful sense of shape and simplicity-- and no wonder he was looking at Andrew Shek's work, if he's obsessed with shape then he'll be inspired by the great gestures Shek creates. really, really fun work!

Natalie Andrewson 9:57 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Battle 2:50 PM  

@ Tyson: De'Von's cheetah is clearly labeled as "Cheetah inspired by Andrew Shek’s original design."

ghada 4:18 PM

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