Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Samurai Jack Painting Demos by Scott Wills...


Ian Worrel 9:53 AM  


Ollie 9:59 AM  

That was amazing!!!

Justin Owens 10:27 AM  

Very cool, thanks for sharing those. Do you know what type of paint he uses? Gouache or acrylic?

Reki Li (papreki) 2:57 AM  

Does anybody know what kind of paper he's using to calk his sketch through?? (2nd video)

chupa deug 3:15 AM  

woo! great!

it must be acrylic to keep the first layer dry.

Justin Owens 10:44 AM  

It's transfer paper which can be found at most art stores.

Jordan Lamarre-Wan 10:55 PM  

wow, these are awesome! don't know where you found them but thanks for sharing.

Corey 1:52 PM  

This is so amazing, thanks so much for taking the time to make these. SJ has the best BG's I've ever seen in a show!

Anonymous 2:06 PM  

Reki: I believe he uses Cell Vinyl Paint. Similar to goauche but it is smoother and dries a bit flatter and matter.

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