Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Had Bicycles on the mind lately...


Tel Coelho 8:04 AM  

Wow! those are GREAT!!!

I like the shape you gived!!!


Unknown 11:23 AM  

nothing as nice as a good bike

If you never have ride on a tandum (I dont know if this is the same in englis, but is a bike for two person) It is so nice to do, and you drive very fast, becouse their'e two of you. and you can talk, and sing, and that makes you happy:D

I really like the way you draw the bikes.

justinpatrickparpan 2:47 PM  

Oh no Alan, this is the first sign, Portland is turning you into a fixie bike hipster!

Very nice drawings though. It's nice to see you posting again.


Aaronphilby 1:55 PM  

I love this so much.

Tyson Murphy 9:48 AM  

i like them. lots.

BEN 5:17 AM  

wonderful sketch!!!

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