Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Introducting Pixar Canada


Anonymous 9:37 AM  

That's pretty awesome :'D

I want a Pixar Argentina, haha

Jesse Winchester 11:51 AM  

This was indeed highly anticipated.

There was a lot of buzz in the industry, especially here in Vancouver when news started to leak. I believe what my colleagues were really hoping was that they were moving their short film development here, which would employ everyone down the pipeline from script to render. Someone at Nitrogen Studios, where I work, actually quit their job to start preparing their application back in 2009. Too bad Pixar Canada wont need texture artists as of yet. Maybe production will expand in the future when things prove advantageous?

Well, either way its nice to see some growth in the Canadian industry, even if its not what everyone was hoping for.

Evan Bonifacio 6:25 AM  

I hope once the studio becomes established it will lean towards creating some original content.

Good to have a slice of Pixar up here though :)

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